Thank you for your interest in consigning with Lucy’s!

We offer two types of appointment plus a walk-in option. We also accept consignment by mail.

For traditional consignment we offer Drop & Donate and Hybrid appointments.

Our Open Consignment walk-in option is offered on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10am until noon.

Visit Our Store!

9809 Liberty Road
Frederick, MD 21701

Consign by Appointment

1) Select an appointment style:
Drop & Donate or Hybrid.

2) Call to schedule an appointment:

Drop & Donate:  At your appointment, bring up to 50 items that fit into our storage bins.  Items that we are confident in being able to sell will be added to your account.  Items that are wearable, but not sellable are donated to a local charity (see contract).  Physically large items (i.e. pack & plays, table and chair sets) cannot be consigned during this style of appointment. You will need to schedule a Hybrid appointment. Your items will be processed in the next 1 – 2 days. We do not review them during your appointment; it is simply a drop-off at a scheduled time.

Hybrid:  At your appointment, bring in up to 5 large or special items; the remaining 45 items will be processed on a Drop & Donate basis (see above).  For the large/special items we will make an on the spot decision about whether we think we can successfully sell this item for you.  If YES, we will process immediately; if NO, you will take the item home with you.

If you have never shopped at Lucy’s before, but are interested in consigning, we encourage you to stop and visit us.  Take a quick walk through the store and observe items, brands, prices and preparation.  We live in a HUGE metropolitan area and there millions of people with big houses, full of stuff.  There is a smaller group of people who are interested in shopping the “recycle market”.  This is a buyers’ market.  The good news is you, too, can become a BUYER and enjoy great savings in addition to receiving a consignor check!

Clothing items to bring to Lucy’s – Shoppers want to purchase day to day clothing that was purchased from better name brand stores in the past 1 – 2 years that is in excellent condition.  Snow boots, snow pants, Halloween costumes etc. from Wal-Mart can be re-sold if in excellent condition, but NOT day to day clothing.  If you wouldn’t pay $5 or more for the clothing item here at Lucy’s, it’s probably best to NOT bring it.  In smaller sizes, our customers want the entire outfit – leggings and top, warm up pants and jacket.  This is less important with bigger sizes.  Sizes range from preemie/newborn to Junior 5’s for girls and for boys we go up to a waist 34.  We sell items that boys in high school and college would wear, not mature men’s wear.  We do sell maternity.

Lucy’s does NOT sell: cribs, mattresses, car seats, bath seats, potty chairs, fragile/delicate items, breast pumps, jazz shoes, baseball/LAX/football cleats, game systems or electronics, any recalled/damaged/broken items.

Any season/Any time!  You can consign apparel from any season at any time.  We will store your off-season items and have them ready to go on display as we anticipate the change in seasons and purchasing patterns.  Our best advice is that when you are done with it, bring it in.  Your items will only decline in value with the passing of time.

Commission: Hang your items according to our specifications (we will provide you the proper hangers for FREE ), in the proper orientation (view the clothing from the front and the hanger should resemble a question mark ?), and utilize a hanger size that simultaneously holds the item securely and attractively and you will earn 50% on clothing items.  We are delighted to explain the process to you when you pick up the hangers from us for FREE at least one day prior to the day of your appointment.  Due to limited parking, we ask consignors to NOT use our parking lot to prepare their items.  Parking is reserved for shoppers.  Remember, snap snaps and button buttons.  Prep your items near a sunny window at home.  Every item that has a stain is donated.  Items that we put on hangers or need to adjust significantly are processed at 40%.

Consignment checks and reports are automatically mailed to everyone who is due $10 or more on the following dates:  April 30, August 30 and December 31st.  Account balances below $10 will roll forward to the next check cycle.  A $5 fee is withheld from each check to help defray expenses incurred in the selling of your items.

Additional tips:  Put sneakers, cleats and most sandals through the wash before consigning.  Items that need batteries should have working batteries installed.  Items such as toys and baby equipment should be LIKE NEW in appearance.  Clean your items at home prior to arriving at Lucy’s.  Be sure to have safety straps installed.

Consignment is NOT for everyone.  If you are emotionally tied to the price of each item, we recommend that you do not sell your items via consignment.  We have a win/win relationship.  The more we sell your item for, the more revenue we receive.  It is in our best interest to sell your item for the highest possible price.  However, it is market demand that determines the price, NOT what you paid for it.  Similarly, large items take up a lot of floor space.  We need to price items competitively, so they sell quickly and make this space available for new items.  Please do NOT consign if this gives you anxiety.

Open Consignment

OPEN CONSIGNMENT is a unique consigning opportunity that is offered for two hours on most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10 until noon. Call us to confirm dates, look for signage in the store and/or check our Facebook page for updates.

During OPEN CONSIGNMENT ONLY… New & repeat Consignors can WALK IN; no appointment needed.  We ask that you bring NO MORE THAN 25 ITEMS total and that can include 1 large item (for example, a pack and play, bassinet, jumperoo, exersaucer etc.).  IF IT IS RAINING, SNOWING or BAD WEATHER is FORECASTED, please do not bring the large item.  We rely on the outside porch area to display many large items while we are open.  We can’t protect an unlimited number of large items during inclement weather, so we must decline new large items when storms and poor forecasts are on the horizon.

You can bring in clothing/footwear of ANY SEASON, books, toys, games etc.  As always with day to day clothing, focus on bringing us items that were purchased NEW in the past 1 – 2 years, from better name stores that are in excellent condition.  YES, there are always exceptions, but in general there is little to NO demand for day to day clothing that originates from Wal-Mart etc.  YES, gently used snow boots, rain jackets, are exceptions because we do not consider them “day to day clothing” and they experience less use and change less from a fashion/design perspective over time.

When you arrive at Open Consignment, you will sign in on a clipboard.  You can elect one of two processing styles.  IF YOU WANT US TO GO THROUGH ALL OF YOUR ITEMS AND GIVE BACK TO YOU THE ITEMS WE DO NOT THINK WE CAN SUCCESSFULLY SELL, please indicate REVIEW.  OPEN CONSIGNMENT is the only time/place that we offer this service.  95% of what we “donate” are items that have stains, excessive wear/tear, are much older in styling, are “separates” that are not in demand (for example, a jumper with no matching top; multi-color print leggings with no top etc.), so we ask you to please be very discerning at home.  There is a great amount of wearable, but not sellable items in all of our homes and we ask that you donate directly to a charity of your choice.  We do NOT receive any donation credit/tax advantages from our donations.  We have regular pick-ups by Frederick Rescue Mission, Celestial Manna and other missionary-linked individuals, but this is a strain on our system and we encourage you to be very discriminating about what you bring to us.

You can also elect the DROP & DONATE style of consignment during Open Consignment.  This means that we will go through your items later in the day or the next day.  At that time, all “sell-able” items are added to your account and the remainder is donated directly to the charities listed above.

As with our traditional appointments, IF YOU USE OUR HANGERS (free), hang your items at your home, in the proper orientation (hanger should look like a question mark ?  as you view the clothing item from the front), and utilize a hanger that is large enough to hold the item securely, but attractively, you will earn 50% on your consignment sales.  If we hang it for you or need to change out a lot of hangers/adjust, then you will earn 40%.  Please remember, “Hanging” needs to take place at your house, not ours.  Parking is limited at the store and your account will have better results when all shoppers can find parking.  We are on the same team!

YES, we think that utilizing the “REVIEW” option at OPEN CONSIGNMENT is a great way for you to get immediate feedback on your items.  Going forward, you can continue popping in on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings OR you may then want to schedule one of our two appointment styles where you can bring in up to 50 items each time.  (If you have “sets”, i.e. pants, top & matching sweater  this counts as ONE item…the pieces need to be from the same manufacturer and be the same size).

Questions?  Please call us at 301-898-0037.  Thank you!

Long Distance Consignment

Many of our original consignors have moved out of town, but continue to utilize their consignment accounts via U.S. Mail.

Join our growing list of out-of-town consignors: simply print out our consignment contract, put it in the box with your items for consignment, and ship to us:

Lucy’s Consignment
9809 Liberty Road, Frederick, MD 21701

Carefully screen the contents of your box prior to shipping. Remember that stained or outdated items cannot be sold. Heavy books and fragile items may not be suitable for shipment.

Currently we receive consignments ranging from Potomac, Maryland to Eagle River, Alaska!