Consignment Procedures

Mondays,Wednesdays & Fridays* We are only open to receive and process your “Drop & Donate” consignments in the parking lot from 10 a.m. – noon. No appointment needed; bring items in a box/bag that you don’t need back, along with your name, address and phone number clearly written; no hangers; up to 50 items; any season of apparel / footwear / games / toys / books / small items etc.

* Please confirm by calling us or checking Facebook, thank you!

Do you have jumperoos, walkers, pack & plays, bikes or other large items? Please call Ginny at 301-898-0037 and we will chat about possibilities! Thank you all!

Why the change? Prior to the virus dictated shutdown, we found that we were unable to process new inventory and re-stock while simultaneously hosting shoppers and maintaining social distancing; we just don’t have the space. Now, we are focusing on each activity separately and are excited to say that we think you have greater selection on each of the shopping days than ever before!

Nothing, however, is set in stone, and we will continue to adjust and appreciate your patience. Certainly, if M-W-F mornings don’t work for you, we are exploring additional options for the future. Please watch our Facebook page for other opportunities and chat with us when you are in the store. Bit by bit, we will hone in on the best possible practices. Thank you!

Regarding apparel, going forward our staff will hang your sell-able clothing items and you will earn 40% on this portion of your consignment. We will no longer be supplying you with hangers to complete this prep at home. However, toys, games, books, footwear, baby equipment etc., will continue to earn you 50%. For those of you are curious, we are like every other small business in America right now. We have moved through eight weeks of expenses, while having zero revenue. We have every confidence that we can rise above this challenge, but we do need to be innovative in finding ways to recover and remain viable. We appreciate your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for what has been a team effort these past 21 years. Thank you!

Visit Our Store!

9809 Liberty Road
Frederick, MD 21701

Our parking lot is accessed from Kelly Road.

Please call during business hours to speak with a member of staff. Our phone system does not accept voicemail.