Consigning at Lucy’s
  1. Items are accepted for consignment only by appointment. Select from two appointment styles as described below, then call the store that is most convenient for you to schedule an appointment.

    Drop and Donate Appointment: Bring in up to 50 items. We will put them in one of our storage bins and they will be processed in the next 1 - 2 business days. Items that we are confident in selling will be added to your account. Items that we do not experience success in selling are donated to Frederick Rescue Mission or a clothing bank run by a Gaithersburg, MD church. Outfits that include multiple pieces (all the same size and by same manufacturer) are processed as one item. Outfits sell better than separates. Separates that sell well are better name brands, very current styles and in great condition. You can bring clothing, toys, footwear, DVDs, baby equipment etc to this style of appointment, it just needs to be small enough to fit into our bins.

    Hybrid Appointment: Bring in up to 50 items and our staff will immediately REVIEW UP TO 5 of those items. These 5 items can be LARGE ITEMS or items that are UNUSUAL, VERY EXPENSIVE OR HAVE GREAT SENTIMENTAL VALUE TO YOU. The remainder of these items will be processed as a DROP & DONATE basis, as described above. For the 5 REVIEW ITEMS, we will make an on the spot decision about whether or not we believe it will sell at Lucy's. If YES, then we'll process it immediately; if NO, you will take the item home with you. This is the ONLY way that we can consign LARGE merchandise such as changing tables, large toys, exersaucers, jumperoos etc. Please have these five items set aside so that we can be efficient in handling your appointment.

    * Please note that large items are not accepted during a Drop & Donate Appointment; please schedule a HYBRID appointment. Items must be small enough to fit into our storage bins.

  2. Any Season Clothing – Anytime! You can consign any season of children’s clothing any time of the year. If you have a lot to consign, begin bringing in the current season’s items, and start with your newest clothes, working backwards in time. We’ll store your items until the proper sales season. Maternity consignments are accepted in season only.

  3. What NOT to bring to Lucy’s: We don’t accept anything that is torn, pilled, faded, stained, outdated, recalled or broken. If the item was originally retailed at Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart, it is probably NOT an item that will be sold at Lucy’s. Is the item over two years old? Again, it is probably NOT an item that will be sold at Lucy’s. Plenty of things are wearable and usable, but NOT “sellable.”

    We don’t sell car seats, cribs, infant tubs, inflatable items, “power wheels” vehicles, and remote-control toys, among other things. If it’s big and bulky, please inquire by phone before your appointment.

  4. Commission: Earn 40% on every item that sells. We keep track and send you the money!

    Want to earn more? Hang all your items on plastic “flat” hangers (like those used in new-clothing stores) before coming to the store, and you will earn 50% commission. Hang items so that, when viewed from the front, the hanger looks like a question mark (?), and be sure to button buttons and snap snaps. Tube style and metal hangers are not accepted. If you need flat hangers, stop by either store prior to your appointment day, and pick up a free bag of hangers.

  5. Consignment checks and reports are mailed April 30, August 30, and December 31. Account balances below $10 will roll forward until the next check cycle.