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Account statements and checks are mailed to you on April 30, August 30 and December 31st. You earn 50% of each sold item’s price when you bring your items to the store on appropriate hangers and they are in “ready to sell condition”. You earn 40% of each item’s sale price when we hang your items for you. If we need to change your hangers (you’ve used tube style or wire) or adjust your hangers (the hanger needs to resemble a question-mark when you view the item from the front), you will earn 40%.

$5 is withheld from each check to help defray expenses incurred in merchandising items from your account. If your account balance is below $10, the balance will roll forward to the next check cycle allowing more sales to accumulate in your account. There is NO COST to opening an account. Accounts that have a balance of $2 or less and that are inactive for 6 months are automatically closed. Lucy’s is unable to assume responsibility for items lost due to fire, theft, vandalism, and water damage and consumer abuse.

Out of season clothing is stored until the appropriate season. Stored items cannot be retrieved. Items that have not sold after a full season of display are donated to a local church run clothing bank and Frederick Care Net. We do not receive any tax-deductible receipts and can not provide any to you. You will be called if you have items that are priced over $10 that do not sell after a significant time. If you opt to retrieve the item from us, we will hold the item for two weeks following telephone notification.

We reserve the right to limit or terminate your consignment appointments if you regularly bring items outside of the provided guidelines (stained, out-dated, K-Mart/Wal-Mart brands). It is time consuming for us to review items and we need you to prepare for your appointment by removing these items from what you hope to consign.

Consignment is NOT for everyone. If you are emotionally tied to the price of each item that you consign, we recommend that you do not sell your items via consignment. We have a win/win relationship. The more we sell your item for, the more revenue we receive. However, market demand is what determines the price, not what you paid for it. Please do not consign if you don’t understand this.

I have read the terms of this consignment agreement and accept them as described above.

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